To build wealth by selling things on eBay, you are not ‘reinventing the wheel’.  Let’s keep in mind, that eBay has been around since the nineties, and today with eBay, you are quite literally competing in one of the world’s most competitive markets. Let’s get back to the basics.

A)     Customer satisfaction! Ebay users are able to rate their transaction- experience with you. This is called ‘feedback’. You are granted one point for a positive feedback, no points for neutral feedback, and a point is subtracted for a negative experience. Keep in mind that not only the seller can receive feedback, but the buyer can as well. Both parties can also leave a short comment. Make sure you are a straight shooter!  Imagine going to a financial planner and seeing a sign on the door saying “This person is a crook”.

B)      When selling anything in the world, you can fall victim to the seasons. Ebay is no different. Like most businesses there can be times of the year when things are slow. You must prepare for this. Just because you made a killing during the holiday season, doesn’t mean you will have those sales all year. You would be smart to accept that the summer is dead. The holiday cash-flow must be budgeted accordingly, to get you through the season. Manage your money properly to build wealth on eBay. Don’t let yourself be left out in the cold, this summer.

C)      Let’s not forget one of life’s certainties, TAXES. The IRS and many of the world’s tax agencies will track your sales and if you become an Ebay super-star by reaching certain sales numbers, your data will automatically be reported. Keep your affairs in order and remember to set a bit aside for the ‘tax man’ and keep the “tax factor” in mind when pricing products and services.

The quality of your pictures and detailed descriptions are a must. Combine all of these points with determination, discipline, and creativity, and you too may be able to build wealth using eBay.

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Adam Ginsberg would love to work with you on getting you started with your business on the web. So, drop him a line or check out his website for his eBay tools and resources. You could also read his book, “101 secrets of an Auction Millionaire” for some inspiration.

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Are you wondering how to make extra income? You’ve come to the right place. Becoming an eBay Power Seller is an excellent choice, especially because eBay currently has over 180 million members worldwide. eBay levels the playing field when it comes to selling products. You have a chance to compete against the big guns and I’m here to tell you how to become an eBay Power Seller in just a few easy steps.

Step 1 - Learn the A, B, C’s of PowerSelling on eBay

Pull up a chair and learn everything there is to know about selling on eBay. There are many different policies and rules you should have a solid understanding of before creating your first auction. PowerSeller rules don’t change often so you won’t need to keep learning them over and over again (this isn’t Facebook!).

Step 2 - Learn the Different PowerSeller Levels on eBay

There are many different levels of PowerSeller on eBay. There are different benefits and options for each level. The number of products you sell over a varying period of months will determine your tier. Currently, there are six levels of PowerSeller on eBay including:

●     Bronze sellers sell a minimum of $1000 per month. You also get eBay personalized support.

●     Silver sellers must sell a minimum of $3000 per month on eBay. These guys get phone support as well.

●     Gold PowerSellers sell a minimum of $10,000 per month on eBay. In addition to benefits given to Bronze and Silver members, Gold members get eBay’s Account Manager Software.

●     Platinum members must do $25,000 worth of business per month on eBay and get the benefits of lower levels.

●     A Titanium membership is just like a Platinum membership except they must sell at least $150,000 per month.

●     Diamond sellers (which we all aspire to be right?) must sell a huge $500,000 worth of products, or sell 50,000 items, per month.

Step 3 - Be Good To Your Customers

Be good to your customers and your customers will be good to you. This means you’ll get lots of good reviews which is always a great step when becoming an eBay PowerSeller!

I hope you’re well on your way to becoming an eBay PowerSeller after reading these three easy steps. Don’t forget to contact me if you require any further information.

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Adam Ginsberg is helping people become financially independent with his resources like eBay templates, eBay software and eBay tools. Listen to testimonials of some of his satisfied customers or read his book, “101 secrets of an Auction Millionaire” for more inspiration.

More and more people are using eBay to make extra income in addition to their regular nine-to-five jobs. It’s imperative that you make your eBay listing stand out from the crowd for a greater chance of success. One way to do this is to include vibrant, beautiful pictures of your products. Potential buyers want to know that the item they’re buying is in pristine condition (unless it’s listed as damaged of course) and good images will convey that. eBay allows users to have one free listing using their image hosting so it’s important to know all your options. To save money, you can use other image hosting services including:


PhotoBucket is a great choice for all your eBay image hosting needs. You can also sign up using your Facebook account which is always an easy option. Members get 25 MB free with an annual membership costing $25 per year or a little more than $2 per month. If you need a little help, PhotoBucket offers users a tutorial as well.

Image Shack

Image Shack has a long list of included features including no limit on how long photos can be hosted, simple and intuitive interface and you can also upload as many pictures as you want. Cool right? The best part of Image Shack is the fact it’s free and there is no limit on how many pictures you can upload. This is great if you want to include lots of images in your eBay auction.

Ink Frog

Ink Frog gives eBay sellers a two week free period to test out their service. Afterwards, you’ll pay $5 per month. You can store up to 400 photos for this price.  That should be more than enough for all of your auctions.

Make a budget, do your research and find out which eBay image hosting service is right for you. Don’t forget, your potential buyers want to see lots of pictures of the items you’re selling. You need to convince them that you’re selling high-quality wares - that is what will set you apart from the competition online. Trust me, I’m an eBay Power Seller and including pictures is one of the easiest ways to have more success online.

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Adam Ginsberg is helping people become financially independent with his resources like eBay templates, eBay software and eBay tools. If you want to know more about his resources you can listen to some testimonials of his satisfied customers or read his book, “101 secrets of an Auction Millionaire” for some inspiration.

In these turbulent economic times, millions of people are looking to the internet as a way to make money. Where would one begin? The internet is infinite, but is there opportunity?

We here about those who have succeeded; maybe we have bought tickets to their seminars or listened to their disks. For every one who succeeds, there are millions who fail.  Here are descriptions of one great way to build wealth online.

Buying domain names and selling them for a profit is a venture that can be started with only a few dollars. Imagine a domain name as a property, and if you are the first to buy this property, which can be as low as a few dollars, a tremendous profit can be made. Turn a few nickels into millions, not quite. This is a very competitive market in which success can be dictated by research and even a little bit of luck.

Many of the words ‘premium’ domains have been snatched up, but that doesn’t mean that they are not for sale. Everything is for sale. 

In recent times, people have achieved success by buying up acronyms and being a few steps ahead of the game. You may come across ridiculous pricing, for a domain name that may seem worthless. You are probably right. The market is saturated with people trying to sell their product, and hoping to find a buyer who is stupid enough to pay top dollar.

Anything that starts with ‘i’ is pretty much inflated to the point of being absurd. Many domain buyers run into the issue of hoarding, which also can run you through cash, very-very quickly. Keep in mind that every domain you think of, and is available, is probably worthless. So keep an eye open for: budding celebrities’ names, catchy sounds which are 5 letters or less, acronyms, and slang.

Keep abreast of business news and ask yourself these questions: Are these companies merging? What new ventures are on the horizon? What would a good nick-name be?  The main draw to the domain-game is start-up cost. However, a 99 cent domain is still a loss if no one wants to buy it. You can build wealth online buying domain names and selling them for a profit.

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Adam Ginsberg would love to work with you on getting you started with your business on the web. So, drop him a line or check out his website for his eBay tools and resources. You could also read his book, “101 secrets of an Auction Millionaire” for some inspiration.

Many of us are interested in how to make more money and have more success. My name is Adam Ginsberg and I’m here to tell you about secrets of an auction millionaire using eBay. Obtaining success on eBay might seem like a complicated series of steps but it’s actually not. You just have to know the tricks and trades of the trade, and this is exactly where I come in.

Secret Number One

The number one secret to acquiring wealth on eBay is finding (and selling) your passion. What are your hobbies and interests? What gets you motivated to wake up in the morning? What do you get excited talking about? Can you translate it into a product to sell on eBay? For example, let’s pretend you love collecting knickknacks from secondhand stores. Can you possibly sell them for more than you paid for them? This is an area where many entrepreneurs have success on eBay.

Secret Number Two

Another secret of an auction millionaire is to become widely versed with eBay. You need to know all the in’s and out’s to use is to its full potential. eBay has a vast array of resources that are free to use and explore. For example, did you know that well written eBay item listings with descriptive titles, photos and a variety of payment options do better than others? These details are what will help you successfully sell your products online.

Secret Number Three

My final secret is learning all about the various fees that eBay charges you for selling your products. For example, eBay charges you more money if you select various categories for items you’re selling. This means you need to have a strategy for selecting relevant categories. eBay also charges you for longer descriptions, more pictures and different lengths of auction times. Jot down all the charges and make a budget that is perfectly suited for you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my three secrets of an auction millionaire. Starting a new business endeavor may seem like a scary step, but I promise it’s a step in the right direction. All you need to do is find your passion, learn the in’s and out’s of eBay and investigate all your selling options and budgets. Should you have a question regarding eBay, please feel free to contact me using the contact form. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Adam Ginsberg is helping people to become financially independent with his resources like eBay templates, eBay software and eBay tools. If you want to know more about his resources you can visit Secrets of an Auction Millionaire, Success with Adam or even Adam’s main website.  You can listen to some testimonials of his satisfied customers and read his book, “101 secrets of an Auction Millionaire” for some inspiration.

The recent economic downturn has changed the way we have traditionally looked at our incomes. Till the economy was doing well, we’d think that our jobs were secure for life, and when we’d retire we’d have a big fat retirement fund that we could spend our retired lives comfortably with. And then the recession happened and changed everything. People got laid off of their many years of employment and the retirement funds took a nosedive, eroding in value. The dreams crashed. But the gloomy job market and insecurity of the future brought along a silver lining—the entrepreneurial streak in people. Suddenly, more and more people started looking at alternatives to make money, and the internet become one such resource for a stable income, limited only by people’s imagination and the amount of work they put in.

Adam Ginsberg, the pioneering internet entrepreneur and eBay top seller is now a coach and mentor to thousands of people who have turned to the internet to earn a comfortable living for themselves.  Here are three top tips from Adam for all those who are considering the internet to either set up a new venture or to supplement their existing income with some extra cash on the web.

Be Unique

The internet, as resourceful as it is, is also high on competition, and you’d often see hundreds of websites offering similar products or services. Therefore, the first thing for you to do is to choose your niche before you jump in. Even if your idea has competition on the web, you could still be creative and add your individuality to it, thus making it unique.


Once you’ve had an idea and you decide to sell it on the web, don’t jump in without knowing what your competition’s doing. Adam Ginsberg cannot stress enough on the importance of research when starting a new venture. It’s always good to understand what your prospective customers are buying and what are they’re looking for before you start selling to them.  Understanding customer needs will save you a lot of effort in promoting your goods on the internet.


Once you’ve decided to start a new internet venture, invest some time and money in getting at least some basic education on how the internet works, how to set up your online store, about e-commerce, payment platforms, etc. There is so much that goes into setting up an internet venture, and without education, you’d feel like a babe in the woods.

In fact, you don’t even have to go far to get started with your online enterprise. Adam Ginsberg would love to work with you on getting you started with your business on the web. So, drop him a line or check out his website for his eBay tools and resources. You could also read his book, “101 secrets of an Auction Millionaire” for some inspiration.

Adam Ginsberg is a highly successful eBay trader turned mentor, helping thousands of people set up and run their own successful eBay ventures. One of the secrets behind Adam’s unparalleled success is using specialized software to help build up and run an eBay business.

One such specialized program highly recommended by Adam for making your eBay business successful is using an eBay listing software. According to Adam, a good listing software program  can add a whole new dimension to your eBay business: it lets you set up a professional-looking and attractive store front, create and manage your product listings easily and conveniently, automate certain features such as creating and managing multiple product auctions etc. Using a specialized program also lends uniformity to your business, thereby making it look more professional and organized. Most listing programs can be customized using a simple HTML editor, making it even easier to manage your eBay storefront.

However, before you start using any listing program, Adam suggests you do your research on which one would suit you best. You may even need to use multiple programs to organize different kinds of products if you have a varied product range. Also check to see if the program you’re buying is user friendly for your prospective customers. Other features to look out for when choosing a good listing program are whether they allow you to automate certain features of eBay, like product auctions, or whether they offer multiple themes to choose from for your eBay storefront. There are many features available in good listing programs and choosing the right one can do wonders for your eBay business making it more efficient and user friendly, and also create lasting brand value. So choose wisely.

Adam Ginsberg also offers a host of other tools and resources for running a successful eBay venture and making money online. You can also read Adam’s “Secrets of an Auction Millionaire” to learn more about eBay entrepreneurship.

When Adam Ginsberg started selling pool tables on eBay, all he was armed with was an idea and the determination to succeed.  With hard work, dedication and a constant endeavor to improve his business strategies, Adam rose to become one of the top sellers on eBay.

Today, Adam helps thousands of people script their own eBay success stories through his mentoring programs. And, while his programs include complete details from setting up an eBay account to making it to the top sellers’ list, Adam shares his three basic principles for achieving success in your own internet business venture.   


Research is the key to success in any business. The more in-depth your research, the less are your chances of making a mistake in your business venture. Start by asking yourself questions like “what is it going to cost to start your business?” and then list every possible cost that you are likely to incur, starting from the cost of setting up a website, which again will include everything from your internet cost, website development cost, electricity to run your computer and home office, etc. etc. As we said—get as detailed as possible. Once you have the costs figured out, you can do two things: figure out the profit margins you’d want to earn from selling your products, and figure out a way to constantly reduce unnecessary costs, which will help you earn better profit margins. Similarly, you could research about the products or services you want to sell, your competition, how to improve your services, etc. The more you research the better your business will get.


After you have done your initial research, make a plan of action for your business. Plan every last detail about how you’re going to launch your business, when you’re going to do it, where you’re going to do it, who your target customers are and how you’re going to reach them. Again, the more detailed the plan, the better your chances of tasting quick success.


Once your business is live and has been running for a few months, revisit your research and your business plan and see if everything is going according to your plan, how good your research was, how successful were you in implementing your plan, if anything had changed in the market that could affect your business. And, if need be, realign your plan according to how your business is running and where you’d like it to go.

These three basic strategies alone are good enough to help you start any business make a success out of it. But, if you’d like to know more about Adam Ginsberg’s secrets of a successful online business using eBay, check out his eBay tools and resources. You can also read Adam’s blog or see some testimonial videos.

We cannot stress enough on Adam Ginsberg’s advice on hiring a qualified professional to manage your finances, or to at least plan your investments for you to achieve your financial goals. As suggested in some of our posts in the past, it’s better to hire a professional simply because you will probably never be aware of the various ways that you can invest your money safely, for it to grow steadily and for maximum profitability.

The next question or two that would probably pop up in your mind would be ‘how do I know who is the right person to advise me?’, or ‘what kind of a financial adviser do I need?’ Adam Ginsberg, the highly acclaimed internet entrepreneurship coach and author of “The Secrets of an Auction Millionaire”, offers a few pointers on how to choose the right financial advisor and the right kind of financial advisor to suit your investment needs.

Let’s talk about choosing the right kind of advisor first. When it comes to hiring someone to manage your finances and investments, you have two choices: hire a financial planner who will lay down the blueprint to achieve your financial goals by telling you where you should invest and how much, or hire someone who will not only plan your investments but manage them too. The first kind will evaluate your current situation, understand your financial goals in the short-, medium- and long term and formulate an investment plan for you to follow. These professionals usually charge by the hour, and you could always get your finances re-evaluated every few months, or years to check if you are on track with your goals or if you’d want to reset them. The second kind of finance professionals are the ones who do everything for you from panning your investments to building up and managing your portfolio in accordance with your pre-determined financial goals. These guys normally charge an annual fee of a few thousand dollars, or a percentage of your portfolio’s value to do the work for you. Walter Updegrave has provided some great information on how and where to find a good financial planner in his article on CNN Money.com.

The next step is to choose the right kind of financial planner. In short, there are money managers who will charge you a fixed fee to manage your finances, and then there are those who will charge you a fee and also get paid commissions on the various products that they make you invest in. Adam says it’s a matter of personal choice what kind of an advisor you’d want to go with: one who’ll charge you for what he does for you, but without any vested interests, or one who will recommend his products but you may end up paying less from your pocket. Again, Walter Updegrave has offered some insightful information on this subject as well, which you may find useful while choosing your money manager.

Check out Adam’s blog and website for more useful tips and his eBay resources on how to make money online.