More and more people are using eBay to make extra income in addition to their regular nine-to-five jobs. It’s imperative that you make your eBay listing stand out from the crowd for a greater chance of success. One way to do this is to include vibrant, beautiful pictures of your products. Potential buyers want to know that the item they’re buying is in pristine condition (unless it’s listed as damaged of course) and good images will convey that. eBay allows users to have one free listing using their image hosting so it’s important to know all your options. To save money, you can use other image hosting services including:


PhotoBucket is a great choice for all your eBay image hosting needs. You can also sign up using your Facebook account which is always an easy option. Members get 25 MB free with an annual membership costing $25 per year or a little more than $2 per month. If you need a little help, PhotoBucket offers users a tutorial as well.

Image Shack

Image Shack has a long list of included features including no limit on how long photos can be hosted, simple and intuitive interface and you can also upload as many pictures as you want. Cool right? The best part of Image Shack is the fact it’s free and there is no limit on how many pictures you can upload. This is great if you want to include lots of images in your eBay auction.

Ink Frog

Ink Frog gives eBay sellers a two week free period to test out their service. Afterwards, you’ll pay $5 per month. You can store up to 400 photos for this price.  That should be more than enough for all of your auctions.

Make a budget, do your research and find out which eBay image hosting service is right for you. Don’t forget, your potential buyers want to see lots of pictures of the items you’re selling. You need to convince them that you’re selling high-quality wares - that is what will set you apart from the competition online. Trust me, I’m an eBay Power Seller and including pictures is one of the easiest ways to have more success online.

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