In another article, we had suggested claiming itemized tax deductions over standard tax deductions as they will save you more tax. However, while there are some itemized deductions that are common knowledge for the average taxpayer, there are a few that are not so commonly known, but are great tax savers nevertheless.

Adam Ginsberg, one of the foremost mentors and wealth-building coaches, lists a few here that you could be overlooking but could help you save some serious dollars in tax for the coming year.

Lesser-known Itemized Deduction #1

Deductions for Self-employed Individuals

If you are a proud self-employed American who is trying to squeeze a modest living in these harsh times, but are afraid that the taxman will take away a huge chunk of your hard-earned money, fear not, for you can save your taxes by claiming business expense deductions on your home-office. However, to be able to do that you must ensure that you have earmarked a dedicated space for your “office” in your home. For example, if you are using 200 square feet of space in your 4000 square feet house, then you can claim deductions on 5% of your expenses like electricity that you consume in your home. Then there are medical and dental-care expenses that are fully tax-deductible if your income is more than the premiums that you pay for your health insurance. And if you are frequently travelling for your business, you can even claim all the baggage fees that you incur as deductions too. To know more about the deductions available for the self-employed, you could see a tax accountant and save a few dollars.

Lesser-known Itemized Deduction #2

Deductions for Charitable Contributions

While it is common knowledge that charitable contributions are deductible under the US tax laws, what is lesser known is that some deductions are available for volunteer work as well. For example, if you are travelling for volunteer work, you could claim deductions on the miles that you travel, or if you are incurring expenses from your own pocket on things like raw material for cooking meals for the homeless, you could claim those too as deductions. While it may seem uncharitable to some, you could look at it as having more money to donate So, go ahead and claim those deductions.

Lesser-known Itemized Deduction #3

Job-hunting Deductions

We are living in hard times and jobs are not as stable as they used to be. People are forced to look for new jobs due to layoffs and it can be very taxing—physically, mentally and emotionally, but not financially. Not as much anyway. You can claim all expenses incurred on hunting for a new job, like consultant fees, resume writing costs, local and overnight travel for interviews, etc. as tax deductions. The only condition is that your new job should be in the same line of work as the old one.

There are many more itemized deductions available that we very often overlook to claim for. Adam Ginsberg suggests taking the advice of a qualified tax accountant to save you a lot of tax dollars and help you boost up your savings. After all, a dollar saved is a dollar earned.

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