While we have, in the past, talked about Ginsberg’s views and tips on saving for retirement in general, this post deals purely with why saving for retirement is different for women than for men and Ginsberg’s suggestions on how women can gradually start building up a healthy retirement fund for themselves.
A simple fact that sets women apart from men is the difference in life expectancies. While a man has an average life expectancy of 76 years, a woman’s is slightly more than 80 years, which means that women need more funds for retirement than men, at least 4 years’ worth. This difference alone could work out to a few hundred thousand dollars. Another challenge that women face sometimes in their lives is that they sometimes give up their jobs or take a long sabbatical to raise a family, which puts them behind on their incomes and saving goals.

Adam Ginsberg, the leading internet entrepreneurship coach, offers a few pointers that could be useful for women to save for a happy and comfortable retirement.

For starters, don’t be afraid of the numbers. Research has shown that more women think that calculating investment goals and crunching numbers to achieve those goals can be a complicated and tedious job. Well, nothing can be further from the truth. All it takes is determination on your part to sit down and understand investment basics like interest rates, various investment options like IRAs, Mutual Funds, 401(K) and the like. You can even take the help of professional financial planners to know what your investment goals should be and how your investment money should be distributed.

Secondly, if you are planning to take a break from your career, make sure to understand how much money you’ll need to put away for your non contributing period in your retirement funds when you do start to work again. The figures may be a bit daunting, but don’t stress over it. You can gradually increase your contributions by 1–2% every quarter till the time you reach your goal, and it wouldn’t feel like a burden.

Third, find ways to supplement your income, and consequently your retirement fund. Adam suggests the internet as a great source of additional income, so that even if you do need to top working for a period of time to raise a family, you can still stay home and earn money on the internet. As an option you can check out Adam Ginsberg’s eBay resources to supplement your income from eBay.

Adam Ginsberg is a pioneer in eBay entrepreneurship and his eBay tools and software are being used by thousands to script their own eBay successes. For more information visit Adam’s blog here.

Due to the decline in our economy, more and more families are looking for ways to increase their cash flow. Going to school and getting an upgrade in your education is one way to do this but it can take a lot of time and financial resources. Another easier way for you to increase your cash flow is to build online wealth.

My name is Adam Ginsberg and I work with people just like you to build online wealth. I started off in a similar situation selling pool tables out of a mom and pop shop looking for new ways to build my income. I sold a pool table online using eBay and my online wealth degree got started. Brick and mortar stores are not the only option anymore. We can use online platforms such as eBay to sell products and services. What are you passionate about? What services and products can you offer? Now is your time to do what you really love.

Here are 3 ways to build online wealth:

1. Define your niche. Don’t be like every Tom, Dick and Sally on the Internet. Set yourself apart from the competition and sell something different. We’ve all had moments where we thought, “If I only had a …”, life would be so much easier. We all can’t’ come up with Facebook, but we can get creative and think up something new and useful.

2. Don’t be boring. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone or think outside the box. Once you define what you’re going to sell online take a look at the competition. Your online wealth strategy depends on it.

3. Get Educated. If you don’t know anything about eBay or other e-Commerce platforms, now is the time to get educated. Take an eBay learning program and learn everything you need to know about how to sell online. You can’t get started building your online wealth without education. You can also look into getting an online wealth mentor who has been down this road before.

My hope is that you take this information and start building your very own online wealth formula.  I love working with entrepreneurs just like you. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to comment below or contact me via my blog.

About Adam

Adam Ginsberg is a wealth of experience when it comes to making money online. You can find him online and also check out his secrets of an auction millionaire.

We all know how competitive real estate investing can be. With the housing crash and extremely low bank loan rates, most investors find real estate to be a lucrative business opportunity. But, while it is lucrative, the stiff competition can be tough on a new entrant in the business.

Adam Ginsberg, one of the foremost wealth building and internet entrepreneurship coaches spills the beans on how to get the most out of your real estate investments, even if you are a newbie.


Bean #1 - Find a Mentor

Entering a new industry without learning anything about it is akin to going in blind into a battle. You wouldn’t even know what hit you. Adam Ginsberg insists that you find a mentor who is experienced and successful in the business. Get your mentor to train you in the basics of real estate investing, like strategies on choosing which properties to buy, how to choose the areas to invest in, financing options etc. If your mentor is an old horse in the business, there’s a lot that you could learn just from their experiences. Meet with your mentor on a regular basis and share your own views and investment strategies to see if you are on the right track. 

Bean #2 – Always check under the hood

Real estate investing has a basic 3-step approach. Buy property, fix property, and sell property. Easy as it may sound, it’s far from that. If you get the first step wrong, you can say goodbye to any profits that you were hoping to make on the investment. Adam strongly recommends a detailed inspection of the property that you intend to invest in. It’s only after an inspection that you can figure out how much money you’ll end up spending in fixing the place up. And, if there’s some serious damage, like in the foundation or in the electrical and plumbing setup, you should steer clear of the property because it is going to cost a lot to fix and that your profits are going to be very low, unless of course you are getting the property really cheap and you think you can still extract a decent profit even after hefty repairs.  


Bean # 3 - Savings are Profit too

Once you’ve got a property inspected and you believe that you can sell it for a decent profit after fixing it up, the next step is to figure out who will renovate it for you. If you go to the market and hire a professional contractor, they will charge you the prevailing rates for the job. The trick here, as revealed by Adam Ginsberg is to minimize your spending to maximize your profit. One way to do that is to take on the renovation contract yourself and then subcontract the individual jobs to the related professionals. Another way to save on renovation costs would be to find a contractor in your circle of friends and family, who would be willing to offer you better rates than those whom you don’t know. Whatever approach you take, always ensure that you do not compromise on the quality of the renovation, because if your property does not pass inspection, you will not be able to sell it.

Adam Ginsberg is a wealth of experience when it comes to making money. You can find him online and also check out his secrets of an auction millionaire.
Real estate investing has proven to be a lucrative business opportunity over the last few years, especially with the housing crash in 2008. Adam Ginsberg, the pioneer in eBay entrepreneurship and a successful wealth building coach highly recommends real estate investment as a top business opportunity.

Here are three tips from Adam Ginsberg that will ensure maximum profitability from your investments in real estate.

1.       Economize on renovation

For any property that you’ll have to fix it up before you sell it. Ginsberg suggests spending as little money on renovating as possible. That doesn’t mean you cut corners on the quality of renovation as that will do your reputation some serious harm. What Adam means is that you either renovate your property yourself or you use a contractor in your personal network of friends and family as they are bound to give you a much better deal than a contractor not personally known to you. 

2.       Partner up

Having a partner to invest with in real estate certainly helps. In Ginsberg’s opinion, having a partner who is experienced in the field saves you the time and money that you would’ve spent learning the craft, whether at a school or from your own mistakes. Secondly, a partner who invests money with you also allows you to diversify your investments in multiple properties rather than just one or two properties.

3.       Knowledge is power

You may be new in the real estate investment business but if you arm yourself with the knowledge of how the business works, you could be starting at par with many veterans with years of experience. Although it will take you a fair amount of time to gain practical experience, the right information and knowledge can certainly help cut down that time by a fair bit. Read newspapers, industry papers, get information on loans and mortgages from banks, get professional training on how the construction business works etc. No amount of knowledge is too much, so go ahead and soak up as much as possible.

Adam Ginsberg has many pearls of wisdom to offer as far as creating wealth and entrepreneurship are concerned. If you’d like to know learn more read Adam’s Secret of an Auction Millionaire or visit his website for resources on making money online.
As discussed in an earlier post, real estate investment can be a very lucrative and profitable enterprise. However, since it is a market that is spread over towns, cities and entire countries, it is very important to get correct, reliable and timely information for you to be able to profit from.

Adam Ginsberg reveals the sources that he goes to when he is looking for reliable, up-to-date information on real estate markets.


According to Adam, newspapers, magazines, websites etc., make for a good source of multiple, up-to-date listings that can provide an investor with accurate scenarios, like prevailing prices, development projects, reputed agents etc., in a particular market.


Realtors or real estate agents are probably the best source for the latest information on a particular locality or town as they are the people with their ear to the ground. A reputable realtor can be a useful ally in getting you the latest information and great deals in their market.

Banks and public agencies

Banks and certain public agencies can offer some great investment opportunities in properties owned by them, which they have been unable to sell. These properties usually require a considerable amount of renovation, but the upside is that these are priced much lower than their market value. Adam Ginsberg highly recommends building relationships with people handling real estate departments in banks and other govt. agencies.

Bank Foreclosures

In the last few years, bank foreclosures have emerged to be a great opportunity to make money in real estate. Because of the huge number of foreclosures that have happened because of the economic downturn, many investors have managed to snap up some really great deals, especially with banks being in a hurry to liquidate their holdings. Buying a foreclosure property may require you to spend some extra money in renovating the property, but because you can buy the property much below the market price, the cost of renovation won’t seem like much.


The various resources mentioned by Adam Ginsberg above can prove to be very profitable for your real estate investment, provided you do your research into which properties would suit your investment model and which ones you could sell faster.

For more tips by Adam Ginsberg on making money in real estate and online, visit Ginsberg’s eBay tools and resources.

In these tough economic conditions, people are finding it more and more difficult to meet their financial goals with virtually stagnant incomes and soaring expenses. As it has been psychologically proven, people tend to put off long term savings in order to meet short term expenses. While we all know and understand the importance of saving for our future, especially for our retirement when there will be no paychecks to meet our daily expenses, we seldom stick to the plan of putting something away regularly for our golden years.

Adam Ginsberg, the renowned wealth building mentor and online business coach suggests automating our expenses and savings so that we do not falter in our long-term saving objectives. According to Ginsberg, here are some ways to automate our spending.

Contribute to a 401(k)

Build your retirement nest egg using a 401(K) account. Ginsberg suggests that a 401(K) is the least that you should be contributing to even if there is little else that you are doing in terms of savings. If your employer is offering a matching 401(K) contribution, that’s even better since that’s a bonus and extra money never hurt anyone.

Automate your Bill payments

Automating your bill payments on your credit or debit card ensures that you never fall behind on paying your bills for any reason, therefore avoiding late payment charges and penalties, and also earn reward points on your credit card, which you can accumulate and redeem later for rewards like air miles.

Manage your Accounts

Having an accounting software will do you a world of good in keeping track of your income and spending. There are many software packages available in the market and on the internet. If you browse around a bit harder, you may find some free ones too that you can use to manage your accounts.

Having all your accounting information in one place is great as it gives you a complete overview of where your finances stand and what steps you may need to take in order to meet some of your financial goals.

Adam Ginsberg is a leading entrepreneurship and wealth building coach and mentor who has helped thousands of people globally to achieve success through his eBay software and tools.

To know more about Adam and his secrets to making money online go here.
As the economy struggles, more and more people are turning to the internet looking for potential earning opportunities. According to Adam Ginsberg, the hugely successful eBay entrepreneur and internet marketing expert, eBay is by far the most popular e-commerce website owing to its popularity, profitability and its ever growing user base. Adam Ginsberg gives his valuable insight and advice on how to get started on eBay and make it extremely profitable for yourself.

Right Price

When selling on eBay, it is always a good idea to see what your competition is doing. If you see the completed listings of products similar to what you are selling, you will get a fair idea of the bidding trends and price variations on the products. Secondly, keep the reserve price of your item as low as possible to attract more and more bidders. Successful eBay sellers do this as they know that they will get a fair price by the time the bidding ends.

Right Time

The ending time for an auction is very important in order to attract more buyers. Research has shown that the best time to end an auction is between 6:30 PM and 10:30 PM as potential bidders are back from work and are unwinding for the day, of which the internet is a very important part.

Shipping Options

While selling your products on eBay, do a little research on what your competitors are offering shipping-wise. While many buyers may not bother too much about it, shipping costs could play an important role in selling your products. If your competitors are offering free shipping, then it may be wise for you to do the same; however, if you do have to charge for shipping, then you should start at a lower starting price for your auctions and clearly mention the shipping charges.

Photos Talk

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the quality of the picture will determine the language. While it is very important to add pictures of your products, it is equally important to have accurate and properly lit pictures for your potential customers to get a feel of your product. So, investing in a good camera setup may not be a bad idea to get ahead in your eBay business.

These tips from Adam Ginsberg will help a great deal in achieving success in your eBay business as they are shared from his own extensive experience as a hugely successful eBay seller. If you have any experiences or tips of your own that you’d like to share with us, we’d love to hear from you. Write to us at the given email address.

As the internet gains popularity, so do the revenue-earning opportunities that arise out of it. And with the economy being in the poor health that it is, more and more people are looking for that financial boost from the internet. One of the best opportunities that the internet offers is to start an online marketing venture.


To make a success of your internet marketing venture it is important to keep many things in mind. Three of these are being shared here by Adam Ginsberg to help you on your way to unparalleled success.

1.  Know your audience: The most important thing to know and understand when starting a business is who your consumers are. Their demographics, which include their age-group, gender, income slabs, locations etc., play a very important part in helping you market your products or services in a focused and efficient manner. The deeper you go in understanding your potential customers, the more profitable you can make your business.

2. Advertise: Advertising too plays a very important role in running a successful online business. But, before you start advertising, make a strategy for it, which may include where your ads are displayed, using social media like facebook, websites, banner ads etc. There are so many advertising avenues available on the internet and if you target the right ones to reach your target audience, you are well on your way to success.

3. Budgetize:  For any business to be successful, you need to make money. But, before you start making money, you will need to spend money. Knowing exactly how much you are going to spend will help greatly in getting organized. You will be thorough about where you are going to spend your money. You will do your research before you spend it, expect results after you spend it and feel great about spending it when you get those results.

A successful internet venture will require thorough research, detailed planning and efficient execution. These tips shared above by the internet marketing guru, Adam Ginsberg will be of great help to you in getting your plan in place. If there are other areas of your business that you need Adam’s help with, check out the courses that he offers or get in touch with him for more information.
Finding ourselves in a downward spiraling debt trap is usually an indication that we have allowed things to get out of control. And, emerging from this hole and back to normalcy is usually a long, tough and arduous journey.

There are obvious tell-tale signs, some described here by Claes Bell, that have “falling into debt trap” written all over them, and if you can see them, you can save yourself a lot of pain by fixing your over looming financial troubles before they come raining down on you in torrents.

Adam Ginsberg, the leading eBay entrepreneurship and wealth building coach and mentor, has some suggestions on how you can emerge from over bearing debt and take control of your life.

Wake up and smell the coffee

The first step is to accept your financial situation. If you identify yourself with any or similar situations as mentioned in Claes’s article, then it’s time to stop what you are doing, sit down and have a long hard look at your finances. No one’s been able to reclaim their lives from a financial downfall by looking the other way. You’ve got to acknowledge that you have a problem, and then find your way out of it.

Have a Plan   

Compare reclaiming your life from financial disaster to a road trip. Before you embark on your journey to financial recovery, you need to sit down and chart your route on a road map, just as you would before a road trip. The only difference could be that you may prefer the shortest possible route rather than the scenic, longer one. Make your plan as detailed as possible. Your financial plan should have all your debts listed down and your priority to pay them back. Some people prefer to pay back debt with highest interest rates first, while some others prefer paying off ones with the least outstanding amounts. Adam Baker of Man vs Debt has an interesting view of his own.  Adam Ginsberg suggests choosing the method that you feel will give you the most satisfaction.

Live Frugal

If you find yourself in a downward spiral financially, then you need to take desperate measures to save every penny that you can. Cut down on expenses that you can live without. You may have to sacrifice on some of the things that you love, like going to the movies or eating out, but remember you are doing it so you can enjoy them more later, without having to thinks of outstanding debts while indulging yourself. Find cheaper alternatives to things that you cannot do absolutely without.

Supplement you Income

Find ways to increase your income. More money means paying off debt faster. Take up a part-time job or have a yard sale. Think about ways that you can rake in some additional cash. You can also check out Adam Ginsberg’s eBay programs to make money online.

Remember, it all starts with your determination to take the bull by its horns. Once you make up your mind, there’s nothing in the world that can stop you from erasing the last penny of your debt in the time frame that you decide.

You can also explore Adam Ginsberg’s secrets of an auction millionaire to make money online through his eBay programs.
Often times we find that home owners who take out a mortgage on their homes end up buying mortgage insurance as well. What Mortgage insurance essentially does is insure your outstanding home loan with the bank as the beneficiary and in the event of your death squares off your mortgage loan by paying the bank whatever is outstanding on your loan. For many people it’s a matter of priority to ensure that their loved ones would not be burdened by their debts when they are gone. But choosing the right insurance vehicle is equally important for both the insured and their beneficiaries. 

Adam Ginsberg, the pioneer in eBay entrepreneurship and now a leading coach and mentor on online business and wealth building shares his views on whether or not is it a good idea to take out mortgage insurance.

As mentioned above, mortgage insurance comes into play upon the passing away of the insured, absolving his or her next of kin from repaying the mortgage loan. However, there are a few things worth looking into before signing on that dotted line.

More often than not, taking out mortgage insurance is not such a great idea. Here’s why. To begin with mortgage insurance is clearly not in your family’s favor as the insured amount will be paid directly to the loaning bank in the event of your death and your family will not see a dime of it. It is a good idea if you have taken out enough life insurance coverage to cover your family’s needs apart from the mortgage. For example, if you take out an additional term policy for the same amount of premium as you would have paid on the mortgage insurance then your family would’ve had the flexibility of taking care of more important expenses like other high interest loans  than the mortgage and continue to make mortgage payments as before.

Secondly, with mortgage insurance, the value of the policy decreases over time since it only covers the outstanding balance on your loan, whereas the premium remains the same throughout. On the other hand, a life insurance policy will pay your next of kin the same amount in the last year of its term as in the first.

Adam Ginsberg suggests weighing all your options and arming yourself with as much information as possible (read more here) before taking a mortgage insurance against your home loan.

To know more about Adam Ginsberg and his great new eBay software and entrepreneurship tools go here.