When Adam Ginsberg started selling pool tables on eBay, all he was armed with was an idea and the determination to succeed.  With hard work, dedication and a constant endeavor to improve his business strategies, Adam rose to become one of the top sellers on eBay.

Today, Adam helps thousands of people script their own eBay success stories through his mentoring programs. And, while his programs include complete details from setting up an eBay account to making it to the top sellers’ list, Adam shares his three basic principles for achieving success in your own internet business venture.   


Research is the key to success in any business. The more in-depth your research, the less are your chances of making a mistake in your business venture. Start by asking yourself questions like “what is it going to cost to start your business?” and then list every possible cost that you are likely to incur, starting from the cost of setting up a website, which again will include everything from your internet cost, website development cost, electricity to run your computer and home office, etc. etc. As we said—get as detailed as possible. Once you have the costs figured out, you can do two things: figure out the profit margins you’d want to earn from selling your products, and figure out a way to constantly reduce unnecessary costs, which will help you earn better profit margins. Similarly, you could research about the products or services you want to sell, your competition, how to improve your services, etc. The more you research the better your business will get.


After you have done your initial research, make a plan of action for your business. Plan every last detail about how you’re going to launch your business, when you’re going to do it, where you’re going to do it, who your target customers are and how you’re going to reach them. Again, the more detailed the plan, the better your chances of tasting quick success.


Once your business is live and has been running for a few months, revisit your research and your business plan and see if everything is going according to your plan, how good your research was, how successful were you in implementing your plan, if anything had changed in the market that could affect your business. And, if need be, realign your plan according to how your business is running and where you’d like it to go.

These three basic strategies alone are good enough to help you start any business make a success out of it. But, if you’d like to know more about Adam Ginsberg’s secrets of a successful online business using eBay, check out his eBay tools and resources. You can also read Adam’s blog or see some testimonial videos.

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