Do you dream of owning your own business? Does the idea of setting your own hours make you weak in the knees? Becoming an eBay entrepreneur might be the perfect job for you. My name is Adam Ginsberg and I found my success by becoming an eBay PowerSeller. Many years ago, I was like you and I worked a regular nine-to-five job. I dreamed of starting my own business but worried about leaving the security of my regular job. Finally, I decided to make the jump to become an eBay entrepreneur and I haven’t looked back since. Here’s how I did it:

Do Your Research eBay takes about 9% of every transaction you make online. There are other fees such as fees and shipping costs as well. Make sure you do your research when it comes to becoming an eBay entrepreneur. Visit the eBay site often and research other businesses like yours. How do they market their services and products? How can you set yourself apart from the completion? You have to differentiate yourself to become successful using eBay

Make a Plan Before you create your eBay account, make a business plan. Successful entrepreneurs always have a plan of action. Put your research to work. Purchase the eBay software you need, take pictures of your products, and map out how you will sell them online. You should also create a budget and marketing plan. Take advantage of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn to market your products and services.

Re-Evaluate Your Progress Every Three Months  You should re-evaluate your progress on eBay every three months.  Set aside some time to see what works and what doesn’t. Are you selling as much as you thought you would? What marketing tactics have worked and what has tanked? How is your supply and demand? Do you need to hire additional help? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself every three months.

Many people dream of owning their own business. Becoming an eBay entrepreneur is a great choice for many individuals. Make sure you do your research, make a plan and re-evaluate your progress every three months to ensure success. If you want help with your eBay selling plan, please feel free to contact me anytime. I look forward to hearing from you.

Posted on behalf of Adam Ginsberg by the Adam Ginsberg Team Adam Ginsberg is helping people to become financially independent with his resources like eBay templates, eBay software and eBay tools. If you want to know more about his resources you can visit Secrets of an Auction Millionaire, Success with Adam or even Adam’s main website.  You can also listen to some testimonials of his satisfied customers.

If you are young and have a stable career, then you should look at starting to save for your retirement (if you haven’t started already). Remember, the sooner you start, the bigger your retirement fund will be. Heck! You may even be able to retire much earlier too. Imagine playing golf or relaxing by your beach house on a weekday by the time you are 45, or even 50. No more Monday blues or rush hour traffic. Sounds great, doesn’t it? It is possible, provided you start building up your retirement fund early, and build it right.

We all know that the economy doesn’t look good right now, but the depression isn’t going to last forever. The stock market’s volatility has eroded many a retirement funds, and don’t seem to be recovering any time soon. But, there are other avenues where you can invest to beat the volatility of the stock market or the low returns on cash deposits, not to mention the ever growing inflation. For instance if we take the annual inflation rate at 4% (an average of the last few decades), then a fund of $1 million after 30 years will be roughly equivalent to $300,000 in today’s value. So do the math and figure out how fat your retirement fund should be to live on comfortably after you stop working.

 Adam Ginsberg, a highly successful entrepreneur and wealth-building coach, recommends two key areas to invest in that can boost up your retirement fund beyond the cost of inflation.

1. Gold That’s right! The good ol’ shiny, yellow metal. Gold prices have beaten the economic downturn, the crashing stock markets, the economic depression, and have risen the most in the past decade. Gold has always been a practical investment for the pragmatic citizen. The rising inflation and the eroding value of paper money have had little effect on the value of this precious metal. Adam Ginsberg strongly recommends including this commodity in your retirement nest egg. Now, you could buy gold in a variety of ways too. The most common is to buy this metal in the physical form of bullion bars or coins. But remember when buying physical gold that while bullion bars are available at prevailing market prices, coins, on the other hand, are priced at perceived collector value. The second option is to invest in Gold ETFs (exchange traded funds), which too are traded at the prevailing market rates. This way you do not have to take physical possession of gold but instead get fund certificates, which are easy to store and faster to liquidate.

2. Real Estate If “are you kidding me?” is the thought in your mind right now, read on and you’ll know why Adam Ginsberg recommends investing in real estate. Sure, real estate has probably felt the worst brunt of the economic crash in the last few years, which is exactly why it makes such a lucrative investment option. Home prices are probably at their lowest right now and so are mortgage interest rates. So, go ahead and buy yourself a home. Take out a mortgage on it and pay it off. Over years the demand for real estate will grow, because the population will grow and the economy must grow, so the prices will grow. Secondly, once you’ve paid off your mortgage, redirect your mortgage installments to more traditional retirement savings. Third, once you retire you can consider selling off your current home and buy yourself something smaller, which could possibly get you some extra cash to spend in your retirement years.

 While these investment options come highly recommended by Adam Ginsberg, you should do your own research before you decide to put your money into them. And, if you come across some more lucrative areas to put your retirement money into, we’d love to hear about them.

Adam Ginsberg helps people to become financially independent with his resources like eBay auction templates, eBay software and other eBay tools. If you want to know more about his resources you can visit Secrets of an Auction Millionaire, Success with Adam or even Adam’s main website.  You can also listen to some testimonials from his satisfied customers.

Remember how carefree and adventurous we are in the prime of our youth. Remember the exhilaration of landing our first real job (summer jobs in school not counting) and the pride in getting our first paycheck that we end up blowing, in just a day or two, on buying stuff for ourselves, our friends and our family. Remember all the subsequent paychecks that end up the same way and we are broke after just a few days of payday, and live off our friends or family till the next payday arrives. Living for the day sounds like a great motto and there’s no worrying about the future. Soon we are in the middle of our careers, doing well for ourselves and looking up in our lives, planning to settle down, own a nice house, maybe get married and have a kid or two.

That’s when we realize how expensive living can be. That’s the period in our lives where we are only working to make mortgage payments, tuition fees and insurance premiums. Our own dreams and personal goals are put on the back burner till “retirement”. And then it hits us—we won’t have a salary to live on when we retire—and knocks the wind out of our sails. How are we going to live after we retire, we ask ourselves. How will we maintain our lifestyle? How will we travel? How will we do all that we hoped to do and still make the day-to-day expenses and the monthly bills? By planning for it, of course, says Adam Ginsberg, one of America’s well-known coaches and mentors on internet entrepreneurship and wealth building.

Here are Adam Ginsberg’s top tips for building up a big fat retirement fund that will not stop you from doing anything that you want in your golden years.

Top Tip #1

Start Early

That’s right: start saving for your retirement as early as you can. While you may have to cut back on a few parties and extravagant meals, you can put away a lot more when you are young and single than when you settle down and comforts become a priority. Also, when you start saving in your youth, you can put more money in high-risk portfolios that could get you high returns by the time you reach retirement.

Top Tip #2

Diversify your portfolio  

There are many investment options available for you to plan not only your retirement fund, but also all your needs up to retirement. There are saving accounts for emergencies, IRA and Roth IRA accounts to balance your tax savings and retirement savings, 401 (K) accounts, mutual funds for balanced growth of funds, real estate investments to keep up with inflation and so much more. It all starts with what your goals are and the research you put in.

Top Tip #3

Involve your Family

To meet any goals that you may set yourself, it will be equally important to get your spouse’s support in meeting those goals. It’ll be even better if you and your spouse share the same retirement goals, because then you’d both know the sacrifices and hard work it would take to meet those goals. If you have kids, it would be a great idea to involve them in the discussions as well. This will not only teach them the value of money early in their lives, but also the good habits of saving for the future.  And, you never know, they just might surprise you by springing for their college education (or a part of it) themselves when the time comes.

For more tips and tricks on how to build your retirement fund, or if you have any tips of your own that you’d like to share with us, we’d love to hear from you.

Adam Ginsberg is helping people to become financially independent with his resources like eBay templates, eBay software and eBay tools. If you want to know more about his resources you can visit Secrets of an Auction Millionaire, Success with Adam or even Adam’s main website.  You can also see some testimonials of his satisfied customers.
Adam Ginsberg dons many hats: he is an eBay entrepreneur, author, speaker, trainer and mentor, internet marketing guru, and the list goes on. But one thing that he is not is a FRAUD—which, unfortunately, some people have made him out to be all over the internet.

Adam Ginsberg, very far from being a fraud, is a very successful internet entrepreneur and he has developed his own systems to achieve success in his internet ventures. And, only after trying and testing these internet based business systems does Mr. Ginsberg bring them out in the market for other people to buy and use in their own business endeavors.

However, while a lot of his customers have invested their time along with their money to understand these systems and use them exactly as they are supposed to be used to achieve the kind of success that Adam Ginsberg claims, there are a few who have misinterpreted Ginsberg’s online business tools as get-rich-quick schemes and have dished out their money on them hoping that these systems would work for them without having to put in any effort of their own. In the case of Adam Ginsberg too, his customers who have failed to extract the true potential of his systems, for whatever reasons, have been quick to jump on to the internet band wagon and started calling Mr. Ginsberg a fraud and his systems a scam.

Many of his failed customers have questioned Mr. Ginsberg’s intentions in selling his systems to the public, when he could keep them for himself to prevent competition and earn more money off of the internet. Sure Mr. Ginsberg could do that, but why would a businessman develop a successful product and not sell it in the market? It does not make good business sense. If an entrepreneur has invested his own time, effort and resources in developing a unique product, and if he stands to profit more from selling his product in the marketplace, then it makes perfect sense for him to do so. And Adam Ginsberg does exactly that. Occasionally, there are complaints about the high prices that Mr. Ginsberg charges for his products. Again, like any successful businessman, when Adam Ginsberg has faith in his products, their uniqueness and what they can earn for his customers, he has all the right to charge what he feels is appropriate for his products. Profit is, after all, the prime objective for any business, and the fact that Mr. Ginsberg has been successful, and has helped many others to be successful too, is probably the strongest argument there is against the alleged “Adam Ginsberg fraud”.

So, the question to ask is whether we should believe everything that we read on the internet without making an effort to verify the facts for ourselves, or if we should try and gather as much information for ourselves before we form our own opinions about a person and his business. Especially when you see something labeled a ‘scam’ or a ‘fraud’, you’ve always got to check to see who’s complaining, and for what reasons the complaints are being made. If you have heard about the Adam Ginsberg fraud story, and want more information about this alleged fraud, you can get all the facts directly from Adam Ginsberg himself by contacting his office and making an appointment to speak to him.

In another article, we had suggested claiming itemized tax deductions over standard tax deductions as they will save you more tax. However, while there are some itemized deductions that are common knowledge for the average taxpayer, there are a few that are not so commonly known, but are great tax savers nevertheless.

Adam Ginsberg, one of the foremost mentors and wealth-building coaches, lists a few here that you could be overlooking but could help you save some serious dollars in tax for the coming year.

Lesser-known Itemized Deduction #1

Deductions for Self-employed Individuals

If you are a proud self-employed American who is trying to squeeze a modest living in these harsh times, but are afraid that the taxman will take away a huge chunk of your hard-earned money, fear not, for you can save your taxes by claiming business expense deductions on your home-office. However, to be able to do that you must ensure that you have earmarked a dedicated space for your “office” in your home. For example, if you are using 200 square feet of space in your 4000 square feet house, then you can claim deductions on 5% of your expenses like electricity that you consume in your home. Then there are medical and dental-care expenses that are fully tax-deductible if your income is more than the premiums that you pay for your health insurance. And if you are frequently travelling for your business, you can even claim all the baggage fees that you incur as deductions too. To know more about the deductions available for the self-employed, you could see a tax accountant and save a few dollars.

Lesser-known Itemized Deduction #2

Deductions for Charitable Contributions

While it is common knowledge that charitable contributions are deductible under the US tax laws, what is lesser known is that some deductions are available for volunteer work as well. For example, if you are travelling for volunteer work, you could claim deductions on the miles that you travel, or if you are incurring expenses from your own pocket on things like raw material for cooking meals for the homeless, you could claim those too as deductions. While it may seem uncharitable to some, you could look at it as having more money to donate So, go ahead and claim those deductions.

Lesser-known Itemized Deduction #3

Job-hunting Deductions

We are living in hard times and jobs are not as stable as they used to be. People are forced to look for new jobs due to layoffs and it can be very taxing—physically, mentally and emotionally, but not financially. Not as much anyway. You can claim all expenses incurred on hunting for a new job, like consultant fees, resume writing costs, local and overnight travel for interviews, etc. as tax deductions. The only condition is that your new job should be in the same line of work as the old one.

There are many more itemized deductions available that we very often overlook to claim for. Adam Ginsberg suggests taking the advice of a qualified tax accountant to save you a lot of tax dollars and help you boost up your savings. After all, a dollar saved is a dollar earned.

Adam Ginsberg is helping people to become financially independent with his resources like eBay templates, eBay software and eBay tools. If you want to know more about his resources you can visit Secrets of An Auction Millionaire, Success with Adam and Adam’s main website.  You can also see testimonials of his satisfied customers.